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Moving Day for the Macaws

Posted by naturefirstinc on June 25, 2012 at 9:00 PM

Wow!!! it was a busy and exciting day for sure! the macaws are now in their new home and they are LOVING IT!   It's so much fun watching them explore and getting to know their new environment. Just as I was expecting, Molly and Ceasar have been getting into scraps with each other whenever I am in the room. Hopefully that will settled down in time once they have gotten used to everything. It's nothing major, they don't really hurt each other but I'm usually in the middle of things and I don't want to get bit! I spent most of the day in the aviary giving them time to make the adjustment and they did very well! C.C. (Severe Macaw) being the smallest of the group just had to try and take on Sidney (the largest of the group). I think C.C. has a crush on Molly (Scarlet) and was trying to take her side during a little scrabble. He held his own pretty well but I tried to explain "blend in", "don't stand out!!!" LOL.

We're very pleased with how everyone has taken to their new surroundings so quickly and relatively very little stress. The smaller guys have started to fly and move around more now and it's great to sit and watch them.

Tomorrow we move the Cockatoos and other various guys. That's going to be a major project but well worth it I'm sure! ;) So come back tomorrow night for updates!

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