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Posted by naturefirstinc on June 26, 2012 at 7:55 PM



Today we completed the transition of all the birds into the new aviary!!!! All seem to be doing well, there were a couple that took a little longer to adjust than others. Bonnie (umbrella) really surprised us, she was the most nervous of all. Usually she is easy going and pretty excepting but when we moved her she refused to try any of the perches. She stayed glued to me for about an hour. I finally had to coax her onto 1 of the floor perches and she seemed ok long enough for us to bring in the rest of the birds.  I checked on them for the last time tonight, she was on a high perch with Stormy and Banjo so I am pleased with that!

The macaws have spent the day getting settled in and scrapping over who is top dog. C.C. (the smallest) took on Sidney & Bubba (the 2 largest) and guess who ended up on the perch? You guessed it! the little guy was king of the hill! I'm trying not to interfere too much so they can work things out naturally but it's hard to stand by and not "help". So I have decided not to go in unless it is really serious.

I took many pictures however, most of them wouldn't download for some reason so I'll have to try again! We will keep regular updates on how everyone is doing as well as more photos so keep coming back!!!!

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