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Posted by naturefirstinc on July 2, 2012 at 4:20 PM



Most of the parrots have made the adjustment to their new surroundings. Merlin one of the Moluccans, had to move back in the house. He's a self mutilator and started the habit again. I moved him out right away as once they are in the habit of plucking and mutilating, it's very hard to break them. It took years of various treatments, patience and love to help him and whenever he's nervous it's the first thing he will do! He's used to lots of attention & hanging with me so the decision was made to keep him with us. He did just fine when it was Mango, me and himself but he doesn't care to live with the "birds". He thinks he's human and that's THAT!  Captain is 53 years old and doesn't take to change very well so we moved him into a large cage inside the building. This way he can still see and hear everyone but is also protected and feels safe. Hopefully he will make a slow transition and move out of the cage someday. Fantasia really surprised me, he became very aggressive towards me after a few hours in the aviary. I let the first bite go by with just a scolding however, he bit my finger so hard it took a chunk out. I put him on the floor to try and calm him but he only went after my feet! This was very unexpected since he is usually a very docile and lovable little guy. I think it was too much too soon so he went into a cage as well. Now he is living next to Captain, he seems to be calmer but I can't fully trust him yet.

I was expecting some minor problems, although all the birds know each other and are used to some out of cage time together the new environment and much more freedom is something each one has to take at their own pace. I am hoping that all will eventually be ready to make the move, I would love to see them all living out of cages. We will just have to take things as they come!

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