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Posted by naturefirstinc on June 14, 2012 at 7:05 PM

Today we had a dry run of the aviary with Merlin & Mango (our Moluccan Cockatoos) to see how they would react and if there are any changes to be made before moving everyone in. It went great!!! They had a wonderful time, one of Mango's feet is twisted in a bit so he took things very slow at first. It didn't take him too long to get used to the height and different thickness of the perches. He promptly began to tear the bark off the perches and really enjoyed it! Merlin took everything in stride (he usually does) he spent most of his time preening and watching. He did insist on preening Mango who finally gave in and let him for a little while. Mango was more interested in moving around, exploring and chewing bark.

Once again we had a minor delay, it rained very hard all weekend so we had to wait and have the sand delivered today. Mike and I were very impressed at how very clean the sand is. I was on my hands and knees spreading it around and the only thing there is SAND! :). I was concerned that even though other people might consider it clean, it wouldn't be clean enough for our use, a very pleasant surprise!!!  We put several inches on the floor to cushion any falls or missteps. I walked through it barefoot and it was even better than being at the beach on Okaloosa Island! Anyone who lives in our area or has visited knows that Okaloosa has some of the cleanest beaches in this area so that is saying a lot!!! I think I over heard Merlin & Mango talking about getting little beach chairs and umbrellas for their private beach LOL.

I did notice that there are a couple of spots in need of perches so we will take care of that tomorrow. Unfortunately it will be next week before they officially move in, we have been trying to coordinate our schedules. I want to move them during the morning hours so they have all day to make the adjustment however, I need a couple of days off work just in case there are any problems. We have a baby moniter to install so we can keep an ear out for them and later (when funds allow) will install a video camera, then we'll post videos of everyone in their new habitat.

Mike did some painting, we added a few silk plants in the areas they can't reach and planted some bamboo in their areas. Once the bamboo grows, they will have live plants to chew and play with. We chose bamboo because it's safe for them to chew, it grows very tall, it's easy to grow and we have lots of it in our yard so we know it has never been sprayed with pesticides. This will also help add more atmosphere and keep the air healthy.

We can't add their toys and swings until the day we are ready to move them. Once those are in, it will look more like home and less "institutionalized". So what ever days I have off from work next week is the final target date. Be sure to come back and see how things are going and look for more photos!!



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