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"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks" ~ John Muir


if you know of a parrot in need of help, call 850-368-6685 or e-mail us!!


 What we are all About!


Birds are highly intelligent and affectionate, they are also very emotionally dependent. It's these reasons humans find them so appealing, and they are also the very reasons so many are neglected, abused and unwanted.

Many people purchase a parrot without prior knowledge of the time and commitment it takes to maintain the mental and physical health of these magnificent winged wonders.

These creatures require special attention and diets of which most people are unaware. We have seen many cases of impulse buying and adoption of parrots, unfortunately it usually ends in disappointment and frustration for both the human and bird.

At Nature First, Inc. we rescue and help exotic birds who are unwanted, abandoned/neglected or abused and tend to their health and emotional needs. We provide all of our birds with the proper diet, exercise, love and respect. They are allowed to live their daily lives as parrots, not for what we think they should be. This enables them to become happy, healthy and better adjusted.

We DO NOT "get rid" of any parrot, occasionally we will receive a bird who can be adopted into a new home. We then take time finding just the right loving family to ensure the bird's needs are met and everyone is happy. Others come to us with deepset emotional issues. It takes a great deal of patience, time and experience to repair emotional damage. During the healing process they form strong bonds with us therefore, they remain here. All beings residing at Nature First, Inc. have learned to share their lives and coexist peacefully.

Nature First, Inc. also offers educational materials and seminars on the care and selection of the proper pet to fit an individual's lifestyle and budget. We believe, when armed with the right information, people can make better choices and there will be fewer needs for places like ours.


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Parrot Rescue Goals


What the Future Holds!


Once the parrots have moved into their new aviary, we plan to begin the addition of the outdoor flight area. There will be a waterfall, tropical plants and trees, an area to grow organic food and of course lots of play areas.

In the distant future Nature First is hoping to expand our operations so we can help even more parrots in need.

At that time we will be seeking a donation of ten or more acres or funds for the purchase land.

If you can help please contact  850-368-6685


Our goals also include implementing an online outreach program to assist people no longer able to care for or keep their parrots. 

Nature First will help them locate loving permanent homes by matching them with a family living in or near their immediate area and have passed our screening process.

These are just a few of our long term goals for the future!!! We plan to be very busy over the next few years!

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