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Parrots are very intelligent & emotional creatures that require an enormorous amount of patience, love and understanding.
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Nature First, Inc. is a 501 C3  parrot rescue organization, we are 100% volunteer,there are no paid employees.

Our mission is to help abused, unwanted & neglected parrots while teaching humans the importance of responsible pet care.

Many of the birds that come to us have suffered emotionally and cannot go to other families. These are the ones that share our home and will live out their lifetime in a safe, secure and loving place. 

There are approximately 10-17 million parrots kept in captivity in the United States making them the third most popular companion pet behind dogs and cats. 

Parrots now present many of the same problems as dogs and cats; they are facing an epidemic of over breeding and homelessness.  Thousands of birds are displaced each year simply because their caretakers are no longer able to provide the time and attention they require. Many unfortunate parrots are moved or sold from home to home and suffer from neglect or abuse. Even more tragic is that many of these beautiful creatures are euthanized simply because they are misunderstood.

 The really lucky ones will end up with a parrot rescue that carefully screens and educates potential adopters. Or will be placed in a sanctuary where they can enjoy the companionship of other birds and caring humans who understand their needs and behavior. Most quality shelters and sanctuaries are operating at full capacity and can not accept new birds because there just are not enough good qualified homes available.

There is an absence of public awareness regarding this tragedy. Unlike dogs and cats that are abandoned, unwanted birds are not seen on the street as strays. This is a serious problem and the number of displaced companion parrots has been on the rise.

Unfortunately, there are very few parrot refuge organizations not affiliated with breeding facilities as compared to thousands of rescue groups for dogs and cats. This is a crisis we are facing now; without viable solutions many more lives will be lost. The situation for parrots is even more significant, due to their extensive life spans.

Currently Nature First, Inc. is building an indoor/outdoor aviary for our feathered friends so they can live in a more comfortable cageless setting . Once this is finished, there will be lots of room for climbing, flying and playing! The outdoor facility will allow plenty of natural sunlight and fresh air providing a healthier environment. We are still lacking funds for the completion of this project, if you would like to help, please call or e-mail today!  or you can donate online      


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"Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift " ~ Albert Einstein


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