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A little set back

Posted by naturefirstinc on July 2, 2012 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (938)



Most of the parrots have made the adjustment to their new surroundings. Merlin one of the Moluccans, had to move back in the house. He's a self mutilator and started the habit again. I moved him out right away as once they are in the habit of plucking and mutilating, it's very hard to break them. It took years of various treatments, patience and love to help him and whenever he's nervous it's the first thing he will do! He's used to lots of attention & hanging with me so the decision was made to keep him with us. He did just fine when it was Mango, me and himself but he doesn't care to live with the "birds". He thinks he's human and that's THAT!  Captain is 53 years old and doesn't take to change very well so we moved him into a large cage inside the building. This way he can still see and hear everyone but is also protected and feels safe. Hopefully he will make a slow transition and move out of the cage someday. Fantasia really surprised me, he became very aggressive towards me after a few hours in the aviary. I let the first bite go by with just a scolding however, he bit my finger so hard it took a chunk out. I put him on the floor to try and calm him but he only went after my feet! This was very unexpected since he is usually a very docile and lovable little guy. I think it was too much too soon so he went into a cage as well. Now he is living next to Captain, he seems to be calmer but I can't fully trust him yet.

I was expecting some minor problems, although all the birds know each other and are used to some out of cage time together the new environment and much more freedom is something each one has to take at their own pace. I am hoping that all will eventually be ready to make the move, I would love to see them all living out of cages. We will just have to take things as they come!

It's Official!

Posted by naturefirstinc on June 26, 2012 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (3)



Today we completed the transition of all the birds into the new aviary!!!! All seem to be doing well, there were a couple that took a little longer to adjust than others. Bonnie (umbrella) really surprised us, she was the most nervous of all. Usually she is easy going and pretty excepting but when we moved her she refused to try any of the perches. She stayed glued to me for about an hour. I finally had to coax her onto 1 of the floor perches and she seemed ok long enough for us to bring in the rest of the birds.  I checked on them for the last time tonight, she was on a high perch with Stormy and Banjo so I am pleased with that!

The macaws have spent the day getting settled in and scrapping over who is top dog. C.C. (the smallest) took on Sidney & Bubba (the 2 largest) and guess who ended up on the perch? You guessed it! the little guy was king of the hill! I'm trying not to interfere too much so they can work things out naturally but it's hard to stand by and not "help". So I have decided not to go in unless it is really serious.

I took many pictures however, most of them wouldn't download for some reason so I'll have to try again! We will keep regular updates on how everyone is doing as well as more photos so keep coming back!!!!

Moving Day for the Macaws

Posted by naturefirstinc on June 25, 2012 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Wow!!! it was a busy and exciting day for sure! the macaws are now in their new home and they are LOVING IT!   It's so much fun watching them explore and getting to know their new environment. Just as I was expecting, Molly and Ceasar have been getting into scraps with each other whenever I am in the room. Hopefully that will settled down in time once they have gotten used to everything. It's nothing major, they don't really hurt each other but I'm usually in the middle of things and I don't want to get bit! I spent most of the day in the aviary giving them time to make the adjustment and they did very well! C.C. (Severe Macaw) being the smallest of the group just had to try and take on Sidney (the largest of the group). I think C.C. has a crush on Molly (Scarlet) and was trying to take her side during a little scrabble. He held his own pretty well but I tried to explain "blend in", "don't stand out!!!" LOL.

We're very pleased with how everyone has taken to their new surroundings so quickly and relatively very little stress. The smaller guys have started to fly and move around more now and it's great to sit and watch them.

Tomorrow we move the Cockatoos and other various guys. That's going to be a major project but well worth it I'm sure! ;) So come back tomorrow night for updates!


Posted by naturefirstinc on June 22, 2012 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (1)

After much delay, unforseen events, etc. we have FINALLY began to move some of the parrots into the new aviary, yaaaaaa!!!  We started with the smaller birds figuring they would need a little more time to adjust. I was hoping to move the macaws today as well however, it took a bit longer with the others. That's ok though, the small guys needed the time and they are doing very well now.

The Blue Indian Ringneck "Blue" didn't take to the move too well at first but after a few hours started to relax and do a bit of exploring. A couple of the cockatiels were freaked out as well but have also started to adjust and I think they will be just fine. What surprised me was how they all just blended with one another, I thought the lovebirds would all stick together but everyone spread out and are getting along great.

We added some pictures to the photo album, not the best but I didn't want to use the flash while they were getting used to their new environment. Later we will get better ones and add those. We won't be able to move the macaws until Monday and if time allows the cockatoos, if not they will be moved on Tues. then everyone will be in their new home!

We will keep you posted on how things are going, we hope to be able to purchase a video camera in a few weeks so we can upload those as well.



Posted by naturefirstinc on June 14, 2012 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Today we had a dry run of the aviary with Merlin & Mango (our Moluccan Cockatoos) to see how they would react and if there are any changes to be made before moving everyone in. It went great!!! They had a wonderful time, one of Mango's feet is twisted in a bit so he took things very slow at first. It didn't take him too long to get used to the height and different thickness of the perches. He promptly began to tear the bark off the perches and really enjoyed it! Merlin took everything in stride (he usually does) he spent most of his time preening and watching. He did insist on preening Mango who finally gave in and let him for a little while. Mango was more interested in moving around, exploring and chewing bark.

Once again we had a minor delay, it rained very hard all weekend so we had to wait and have the sand delivered today. Mike and I were very impressed at how very clean the sand is. I was on my hands and knees spreading it around and the only thing there is SAND! :). I was concerned that even though other people might consider it clean, it wouldn't be clean enough for our use, a very pleasant surprise!!!  We put several inches on the floor to cushion any falls or missteps. I walked through it barefoot and it was even better than being at the beach on Okaloosa Island! Anyone who lives in our area or has visited knows that Okaloosa has some of the cleanest beaches in this area so that is saying a lot!!! I think I over heard Merlin & Mango talking about getting little beach chairs and umbrellas for their private beach LOL.

I did notice that there are a couple of spots in need of perches so we will take care of that tomorrow. Unfortunately it will be next week before they officially move in, we have been trying to coordinate our schedules. I want to move them during the morning hours so they have all day to make the adjustment however, I need a couple of days off work just in case there are any problems. We have a baby moniter to install so we can keep an ear out for them and later (when funds allow) will install a video camera, then we'll post videos of everyone in their new habitat.

Mike did some painting, we added a few silk plants in the areas they can't reach and planted some bamboo in their areas. Once the bamboo grows, they will have live plants to chew and play with. We chose bamboo because it's safe for them to chew, it grows very tall, it's easy to grow and we have lots of it in our yard so we know it has never been sprayed with pesticides. This will also help add more atmosphere and keep the air healthy.

We can't add their toys and swings until the day we are ready to move them. Once those are in, it will look more like home and less "institutionalized". So what ever days I have off from work next week is the final target date. Be sure to come back and see how things are going and look for more photos!!



Thank You!!

Posted by naturefirstinc on March 12, 2012 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Want to donate items for our parrots but don't know what to send? Now it's even easier, we have signed up with My Safe Bird Store!! You can find items we are in need of,  My Safe Bird Store offers free shipping for any item you are donating. 

NUTRITION, ENRICHMENT and SAFEGUARDING YOUR BIRD(s) are probably the three biggest concerns when it comes to the health of birds. At, we do not take these three necessities lightly. Our site has been carefully constructed to provide you with SAFE products.

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We had fun today meeting new people and spending time with some we haven't seen in a while! Thank you to all who came out to offer their support to our book fair. A very special thank you to Amanda and the Books A Million staff, we really appreciate all your help! Although we didn't raise as much as we did in December, today was a big success!


Another Book Fair!!!!!!!!

Posted by naturefirstinc on February 22, 2012 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)

We will again be @ Books a Million 417 Mary Esther Cutoff (next to Office Depot) Fort Walton Beach conducting a fundraiser! Just a refresher course on how this works:

Books a Million will donate 10% of each eligible transactions to our organization. The Millionaire's Club discount purchases do not qualify however, you will be given the option to forgo your discount and donate instead the amount of your savings to Nature First, Inc.

We invite all of you to stop by Monday March 12th between 11 a.m & 3 p.m. to meet us. Shop and help a good cause at the same time!!

Call 850-368-6685 or e-mail if you have any questions, see you there!

Just a little reminder we are very close to completing the aviary but are still in need funds!

Date, Dine and Donate

Posted by naturefirstinc on January 31, 2012 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Wondering what to do or where to take your sweetheart for Valentine's Day? : Sign up for GoodDining then book your Valentine’s Day reservation or visit at one of the restaurants below  and they’ll donate up to 6% of the cost of your meal to support our cause.


Guglielmo's Italian Grill & Pizza 7289 Navarre Parkway

Helen Back Again 8651 Navarre Pkwy


Fort Walton Beach

Fudpucker's Beachside Bar 108 Santa Rosa Blvd 

A La Carte -  99 Eglin Pkwy NE Unit #34

Scullys on the Bayou 200 Eglin Pkwy

Helen Back Cafe 114 Amberjack Dr



Harry T's 46 Harbor Blvd

AJ's Seafood & Oyster Bar 116 Harbor 

Cuvee Bistro 36120 Emerald Coast Pkwy

Kenny D's 2964 Scenic Gulf Dr 



Hemingway's Island Grill 400 Quietwater Bch Rd

Hopjacks Pizza Kitchen & Bar/Club/Lounge, Pizza 10 South Palafox Street Pensacola, FL

Romano's Macaroni Grill 5100 N 9th Ave Pensacola, FL


Date, Dine, Donate and a little fun!! sign up here!

if you don't live in our local area, click above, sign up and enter your zip code to find restaurants close to you


A little closer!! :)

Posted by naturefirstinc on January 28, 2012 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Today we made a little more progress although not as much as we had hoped for.  Bowls, a few toys & a couple of boxes are now in place, but there is still a lot of work left to do! At least it's starting to look like something and the few toys and swings add a little color in the place. There are many more toys and swings to hang however, they are in the cages and in use so we can't take them until moving day. We are still looking for large quantities of Timothy Hay to use on the floor to help protect them in case of a fall. If anyone knows where we can purchase the hay (it must be Timothy) in large bales,please let us know.

Don't forget you can donate right from our site, we are still in need of toys and bowls for the macaws and cockatoos. We can always use money to help pay for food too! You can also go to our wish list on Amazon if you would like to purchase some of the things we need.

You can see more pictures in our photo album


Posted by naturefirstinc on January 27, 2012 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

We have made a little more progress on the aviary today. More branches added, a few toys and swings hung for the little guys. Tomorrow we will complete the feeding stations & hang a few boxes for the smaller birds. Our plan is to cut some branches which still have leaves on them to add so they have hiding places. These will be taken from our backyard to be sure there are no pesticides and we know the trees are healthy. We will also be adding a few houses created from gourds so everyone can have their own private space.

If anyone knows of a plumber willing to donate their time or show us how to hook up the water, PLEASE have them contact us!!! This is the last hold up for now, once the plumbing is hooked up, we can sail right along.

Don't forget, we always need help with money & you can donate right from our website! If you would like to help by raising funds we appreciate all we can get! Remember, all money goes to helping the parrots there are NO paid employees at Nature First!